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Electric car furnace

Electric car furnace

Our company supplied to multinational company with a repair plant in the Czech Republic a new electric furnace for annealing after welding and for removing internal stresses of steel parts.

The dimensions of the working space are 2.5 x 2.4 m (loading area) and the height above the car is 1.8 meters.

The special capabilities of this device include a rise to 1200 ° F in 65 minutes with an temperature distribution within a tolerance of 25 ° F, during entire technological process (rise-up, hold and cooling period).

The load capacity of the car is declared up to 3 tons.

The technology is controlled by a fully automatic SIEMENS SIMATIC control system with visualization on a touch panel. The design and development of the software was carried out in cooperation with the company ACS International s.r.o, Příbram.